• Fully automatic machines with Vacuum Material Transfer System.
  • All type of tablets viz. Uncoated, Film Coated, Double layer, Enteric Coated and Slow Release manufacturing facility.
  • Installed Capacity 150 million Tablets per month.
  • Equipped with automatic SA 9 Capsule Filling Machine
  • Facility to manufacture Non-Betalactum capsule of various drugs.
  • Installed capacity – 20 Million capsules per month.
  • Automatic manufacturing plant. On line washing, filling, labeling and cartoning.
  • Capsule to manufacture syrups, elixirs and suspensions of different drugs to be filled in glass as well as pet bottles from 10ml to 200ml.
  • Installed capacity – 2 million bottles per month.
  • Automatic Line for manufacturing - terminally sterilized, sterilized by filtration and aseptic preparations.
  • Filling range - 1ml to 10ml Glass Ampoule.
  • Installed capacity – 4.5 million Ampoules per month.
  • Automatic Powder filling, sealing & labeling machine.
  • Installed capacity – 1 million bottles per month.
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