Pharmaceutical Product Research & Development

Windlas Biotech Limited is committed to better healthcare for all, through quality products, achieved through manufacturing excellence, compliance to requirements and continual improvement in quality management system, for maximum customer satisfaction.

We strictly adhere to stipulations issued by international and national authorities like World Health Organization (WHO), International Conference on Harmonization (ICH), and International Organization for Standardization (ISO). We believe that a solution becomes a success when it conforms to the quality specifications by the customer – first time and every time, meeting world-class standards.

Giving utmost importance to quality, Windlas Biotech Limited has developed a sophisticated system and seamless procedure throughout the organization. This minimizes risk and enables us to produce superior quality products. The competent and qualified technical team is committed to deliver quality products. Due to consistent quality of all our products, they are accepted in domestic as well as international markets.

Windlas Biotech Limited implements an unmatched global quality management system that is based on the desire to sustain a culture of operational excellence. Meeting and exceeding stakeholders’ expectations, including marketing companies, patients and government regulators are the guiding pillars to company’s progression.

Windlas Biotech Limited employs the best of industry’s technical officials in its QC, QA, and production and product development department. Their continuous proactive efforts on the present and future needs of market are dedicated to meeting the customer requirements through consistent development of technology, quality, drug delivery systems, and packaging.

We strive to transcend the set quality standards and to improve the quality of product keeping in pace with the ever changing quality requirements of the regulatory authorities.

Our company’s passion for quality goes way beyond business and statutory requirements. Windlas Biotech Limited has reliable standards and is a manufacture of best quality products that satisfy norms set by all multinationals and large pharmaceutical houses, qualifying for international and national sales.