Pharmaceutical Product Research & Development

Formulation Development is a process in which one or more therapeutically active ingredients are combined usually with more than one excipient to prep area pharmacologically active composition. The process aims to impart stable shelf life, while adhering to all regulatory requirements and making the formulation patient compliant.

Windlas Biotech Limited has a well equipped, dedicated Formulation and Development (F&D) laboratory. The Department of Science and Technology (Government of India) has certified it as capable of developing most modern and novel drug delivery systems. These include sustained release/modified release formulations, bi-layered dosage form, MUPS, taste-masked solid and liquid dosage forms, oro-dispersible preparations, chewable and effervescent preparations, targeted drug delivery systems, to name a few. A separate Analytical Development Laboratory, equipped with latest instruments, is also present to support the formulation development activities. Our team of dedicated scientists constantly works for the betterment of society focusing on the following activities:

  • Designing dosage forms by using most innovative techniques to meet the safety, quality and therapeutic efficacy
  • Developing analytical methods of evaluation and subsequent validation and to lay down finished product specifications in accordance with all regulatory compliances
  • Continual development of existing products to meet customer satisfaction
  • Interacting with technical teams through training programs to facilitate regular exchange of ideas regarding any new products and to create awareness about latest technologies and research
  • In addition to Pharma-related activities, our F&D is now working on Food and Nutraceuticals as per FSSAI norms with the technical support of some international companies